The Designer

The ultimate graphical Designer for vpxPrint

The Designer is a professional tool, just like you. We all know the insurmountable problems of footer management, orphan totals alone on a page, printed papers with fixed formats, backgrounds visible on the screen but not printable, etc … , professionals problems!

Reference Guide

Get the PDF Reference Guide

Development environments


          • Visual Studio VB, C#,
          • Embarcadero Delphi,
          • Progress,
          • Python
          • XCode,
          • ….

Database connections

“SQL SELECT” interface with mySQL, SQL-Server, Advantage Database Server (ADS), Firebird, Interbase, IB Lite, MS-Access, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Microsoft Jet & Microsoft OLE DB drivers.

“FOR EACH” interface for

Self-tutorial & videos


Basic concepts

Setting up the environment: DB Schema

The graphical interface

Using arrays

The layers