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Frequently Asked Questions

vpxPrint maintenance benefits

Each vpxPrint license includes a year’s maintenance, which means you’ll get a FREE upgrade to the next version of vpxPrint as soon as it’s released, plus fast support.

Free updates

Always up-to-date with the latest features
Receive free updates to future versions of vpxPrint, with the latest features.
After this first year, a contract is offered to extend its duration.

How much does it cost?

After the first year, a maintenance contract costs 270€ / year for a first license, 195€ / year for a runtime license (2024 price).
This annual cost is very attractive, as one license can have up to 50 users.

In the event of a problem?

We help you to implement an effective solution. All our customers appreciate our efficiency and responsiveness.
This applies to both development and production.

We currently have no unresolved problems, and our response time is usually less than a day, frequently within a few hours.

This includes the rapid provision of workarounds or patches.

How to get started?

A help and a FAQ files are available on our site (see above).
A PDF version of the help is included in the vpxPrint setup, you can also download it from our site.

Learn more about vpxPrint with “The Discovery“, a great vpxPrint tutorial software, available in the download area.

Still have questions?

Contact the support…