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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Support Is So Necessary?

For any question, technical or commercial.
Feel free to ask us any question.

Your users and your customers need a quick and efficient response, you will be judged on your reactivity and speed of your responses.

How To Get Started?

One year of support and maintenance is included with the purchase of a license.
After this first year, a support contract is offered to you at a reasonable price.

How much does it cost?

After the first year, a maintenance contract costs 260€ / year for a first license, 190€ / year for a runtime license (2023 price).
Divide this annual cost by the number of PCs in a license, the price per PC is tiny (a license can have up to 50 users)

What happens in the event of a problem?

In the event of a problem, contact our support, they will do everything possible to quickly provide you with an effective solution. All of our customers appreciate our efficiency and responsiveness.
It is important to understand the usefulness of a support contract, we can’t support the licenses without a maintenance contract.
It allows you to develop your software with new functionalities but above all it provides the help you need to solve your problems.

We currently have no outstanding unresolved issues and our typical response time is less than a day.
This includes the rapid provision of workarounds or patches if our software is involved.

Help Finding Information Online?

A help and a FAQ files are available on our site (see above).
A PDF version of the help is included in the vpxPrint setup, you can also download it from our site.

Still have questions?