vpxPrint 2024 price list

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional options?

Yes, there are two chargeable plugins, the PDF plugin and the PDF signature.

Is there a maintenance contract?

The first year of maintenance and support is included in the price of our licenses.

After the first year, a support contract is proposed, it is not mandatory, the software will still work.
But you will not have access to new versions or to 4GL support.

In 2024, the cost is 270€/year for a first license and 195€/year for run-time licenses or 50 users extensions.

Do I need the PDF plugin?

You can use Microsoft PDF or PDFCreator to create PDF files.

All handling of PDF files (page inclusions, sorting PDF pages, etc.) is available but it will not be possible to have all the finesse of the integrated interface of vpxPrint (keywords, subjects …), especially in automation processes where no dialog box should be displayed.

That’s why we recommend the use of the plugin.

Why only 10 users for IT companies?

10 users represents the number of developers in the IT company.
This opens the right to acquire “run-time” licenses at a lower price.

What does the maintenance contract include?

It includes technical support in case of difficulty or problem of use.
You will be accompanied and helped to achieve your goals.
New versions of the software.
We currently have no unresolved issues and our typical response time is less than a day, very often a few hours.

This includes the rapid provision of workarounds or patches if our software is involved.

What can I do with the free version?

The free version allows to test all the functions of vpxPrint without time limit.
But all file exports and prints will have a “DEMO” watermark.

Maintenance and support?

After the first year, a maintenance contract costs 270€/year for a first license, 195€/year for a runtime license (price 2024).
As this annual cost represents a maintenance cost for all the PCs of a license, the unit cost is really the best value on the market.