xSpool – File spooler

How it works

xSpool runs in minimized mode in the system tray.

It monitors the files in a local or remote folder.

Local files or remote files on a shared drive or an FTP server.


When a new file is detected…

xSpool processes the file with the associated application.
The .xpr files are automatically associated with vpxPrint.

Different fine settings:

  • Processes files by registered suffix,
  • Encrypting of FTP connection parameters,
  • Runs *.bat files,
  • Unzips *.zip files before processing,
  • Optional backup of processed files,
  • vpxPrint restart mechanism,
  • A complete log…



xSpool is a spooler to exchange and process files locally or between computers over a network.

xSpool calls vpxPrint to build and preview reports, even if the main application is character-based on a different host (Windows, UNIX, Apple).

It is the link between character environments and graphic systems.

It’s a general interface (WORD, EXCEL etc.), it accepts any type of file and selects the registered application to open it.

It searches for files to process:

    1. locally, on a directory,
    2. remotely, on a shared drive,
    3. remotely, on an FTP server.

It runs:

    1. In minimized mode in the system tray,
    2. Able to run *.bat,
    3. It can unzip *.zipĀ  files before processing them.

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